Sabil al-Jazzar

The Sabil al-Jazzar, a Saving the Stones Conservation Project

Situated at the north entrance to the Jazzar Pasha Mosque complex in Akko (Acre), Israel, this 18th Century sabil (public fountain) originally furnished residents of the city with fresh water from the Kabri aqueduct.

Alison conducted architectural documentation of the sabil as part of her work during the first semester of Saving the Stones. In order to better understand the structure and design elements, Ali created a 3D model using Google SketchUp.

The aim of every personal project is to create tangible benefits for the community of Akko. The documentation lays the groundwork for the conservation of the structure, in the hopes that one day the mosque will be able to return the Sabil to its original use.

View a presentation of Ali’s work here, or explore the model online.

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