Personal Projects in Progress

As the second program of Saving the Stones draws to a close, interns are working on personal conservation projects to contribute to Acre, ranging from architectural documentation to a survey and development plan in the new city.

Weizman Street, Acre’s main commercial strip, should serve to bridge the new and old city, but currently the space between the city walls and the new town is a hard stop. By highlighting Ottoman and Mandate-period structures on this street, Florencia hopes to show how these areas can be unified.

  • The salts and sea winds do a number on Acre’s weak sandstone walls. N’zinga is studying the historic mortars of the city to determine what mixtures will last longest and help to maintain the stones.
  • At the Jazzar Pasha Mosque, Ali is conducting architectural documentation of the Sardivan, or ritual absolutions fountain in the mosque courtyard. Underneath the courtyard, Bartosz is researching the massive water cisterns that were possibly originally an ancient crusader structure.
  • In the Shazaliya Mosque,  Mohammad is undertaking architectural documentation of Crusader masonry elements adjoining the Citadel.
  • Yonatan is helping to uncover historical documentation of the Acre Prison, which operated in the Citadel during the British Mandate of Palestine.

The range of these projects touch on the complex layers of Acre’s history, but they share a goal of  using conservation to build community in the city. More information on personal projects to come…

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