Spring Greetings

Spring is the time for blossoming, and we here at the International Conservation Center, are seeing the fruits this year. Interns of Saving the Stones, are truly flourishing in Old Acre, preparing for the next step in their work and studies. Here in Israel, it is Passover holidays, when we remember the great exodus from Egypt, through the traditional Passover Seder. Tradition is just one element of cultural heritage preservation, that has brought our participants, from very different backgrounds, religions, and cultures, on their own (if albeit short) exodus to Israel.

Best wishes to you for the renewal of Spring, and a Very Happy Passover!

Saving the Stones Spring 2013 pictured at our impromptu Seder in the Center:

Benjie from Minnesota, Courtney from California, Riikka from Finland, Mikhail from California, Michael from Florida, Nadine from Israel, Yvonne from Ireland, Alli from Pennsylvania, Laurentiu from Romania, James from South Carolina, and the team of the International Conservation Center – Citta di Roma!





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