The Israel Antiquities Authority

IAA_logo_580The Israel Antiquities Authority was founded In April 1990, in accordance with the Law of Antiquities. The Authority is a large organization for all archaeological sites, information and other data relating to Israel’s antiquities. The Authority is active in the development of antiquity sites, among them Jerusalem, Acre, Bet Shean and Caesarea, while investing considerable effort to conserve buildings at historic cities such as Safed, Shefar’am, Ramla, Tiberias, Beer Sheva and Jaffa.  Furthermore, the Antiquities Authority has set for itself the goal of increasing public awareness of archaeology.  The main task of the Conservation Department Administration of the Israel Antiquities Authority is to build and enforce conservation policy to preserve the cultural heritage of Israel.  The International Conservation Center – Citta di Roma, operates as a division of the Israel Antiquities Authority under the direct supervision of the Conservation Department.


iccromICCROM is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage. Its members are individual states which have declared their adhesion to it. It exists to serve the international community as represented by its Member States, which currently number 132.  It is the only institution of its kind with a worldwide mandate to promote the conservation of all types of cultural heritage, both movable and immovable.

The decision to found the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property was made at the 9th UNESCO General Conference in New Delhi in 1956, at a time of mounting interest in the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. It was subsequently established in Rome in 1959 at the invitation of the Government of Italy.

ICCROM aims at improving the quality of conservation practice as well as raising awareness about the importance of preserving cultural heritage.  ICCROM contributes to preserving cultural heritage in the world today and for the future through five main areas of activity:  Training, Information, Research, Cooperation and Advocacy

Saving the Stones is recognized by ICCROM as a practical conservation training program.  

Masa Israel Journey

masa_israelMasa is a project of the government of Israel, the Jewish Agency of Israel, and made possible through the generous support of the United Jewish Communities, the Federations of North America, and Keren Hayesod – UIA.

Masa enables young people (18 to 30) from around the world to build a lasting relationship with Israel, and gain meaningful and beneficial experiences by participating in a long-term program in Israel. Masa provides young adults with connections to programs, grants and scholarships towards program fees, as well as support, activities, workshops and resources while in Israel.

Municipality of Akko

logo-akkoAkko covers an area of about 11 square kilometers, and its 52,000 residents reflect a unique blend of ethnic groups and religions: Jews, Muslims, Christians, Armenians, Druze, and members of the Baha’i faith who live in exemplary coexistence.

Alongside the mosques scattered through the city are churches and synagogues. Akko is also the most important site for the Baha’i faith, whose founder, Baha’u’llah, is buried in a shrine in the city.

Akko is blessed with a variety of tourist sites from many periods, crowned by the Crusader city. The Fisherman’s Port and marina, restaurants, hotels, annual artists’ festivals, such as the Israel Fringe Theater Festival, bazaars, the city walls, museums, beaches and water sports, are among the city’s tourist attractions.

The municipality offers schools for the arts, sciences, communications, entrepreneurship and technology, as well as two preschool centers, and five community centers that run enrichment programs for youth and adults, including a popular community theater.