Saving the Stones interns engaged in practicum learning, complete a full scale practical or theoretical project throughout their time in Acre.  Below is a collection of their works, click on the title to visit the Israel Antiquities Authority website to download the PDF:
Field report of work in Biet Loya
Work methods in Biet Loya, June 2012
The Wall that Stopped Napoleon
Grouting for Caesar: The Vault Complex and High Level Aqueduct at Caesarea After 20 Years, 2012
A Vision for Khan esh-Shawarda, 2012
Documentation of the floor of the main hall, 2nd Story, The International Conservation Center, Citta’ di Roma
The Work on Two Column Bases at the ICC Building, Old Akko
Exhibiting the Objects of the International Conservation Centre (ICC)
A Catalog for the Aegean Wares excavated by Dr. Edna J.Stern in 2009: A Directory for the Archives of the Israel Antiquities Authority
Presenting the Hammam al-Pasha: Conserving Heritage by Creating an Attraction
Typology of British Mandate Period Residential Buildings in New City Akko 2010
Documentation report of BURJ EL-KASHLA, Old City of Akko 2011
Acre, Sabil Al- Jazzar
Acre, Sadirvan Al-Jazzar
Contents of British Mandate Archeological Inspection Files Archive
Documenting Akko’s Metalwork, 2009
Historic Mortars and their durability, in the Old City of Akko
Historical Documentation of the Water Cisterns under the Jazzar Pasha Mosque in Acre
Revitalization of Weizman Street, 2010
The Ottoman Water Distribution System in Acre, 2009
 On the road to Zion, 2012
The International Conservation Center in Acre, Historic Assessment. 2007