General Curriculum

Week 1:  Historical Documentation and Recording

  • Introduction
  • Site Introduction
  • Safety Procedures
  • Tour in Akko

Introduction to Conservation and Heritage Management

General introduction to Conservation and Cultural Heritage

  • What are we Conserving?
  • What is Conservation?
  • What is Cultural Heritage?
  • History of Conservation
  • Philosophy of Conservation

Site: The Conservation Procedure

  • Survey
  • Architectural Documentation and Evaluation
  • Conservation Plan
  • Physical Intervention
  • Report

Site: Documentation and Survey on Site

Architectural Documentation for Conservation

Historical Research and Value Assessment


  • Photography
  • Architectural Measurements
  • Basic Hand Drafting and Sketching

Study Trip


Week 2:  Recording and Pathological Analysis

Preparation of a Conservation Plan

  • Physical Survey

Condition Assessment

  •  Intervention Plan
  • Pathologies
  • Erosion and Degradation
  • Risk Management
  • Stabilization
  • Principles of Conservation Interventions
  • Preventative Treatments
  • First Aid and In-Situ Interventions

 Study Trip


Week 3: Treatment Methods and Treatment Application

Practical Skills for Site Conservation

Materials for Site Conservation

Conservation of Stone

  • Treatment of Salts in Stones: Materials and Methods
  • Treatment of Erosion: Causes and Damages
  • Reducing Damages
  • Cleaning Methods
  • Strengthening Stones: Materials and Methods

Study Trip


Week 4: Treatment Methods and Treatment Application

Mortar for Conservation

  • Analysis of Historic Mortar
  • Mortar Planning
  • Preparation of Mortar

Conservation of Stone Walls

  • Joint Filling
  • Grouting
  • Pointing
  • Coping
  • Stone Fills and Replacement Methods
  • Supports

Study Trip 

Presentation of Sites to the Public / Conservation Report and Maintenance Plan

  • Final Report
  • Preparation of a maintenance plan
  • Professional Presentation of Site

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