Our Training Philosophy

Hand cutting stencils for wall painting restoration at the historic Cafe Lorenz in Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv.

Our Training Philosophy is based on a multiple activity model, offering a one-of-a kind learning experience through:

  • Lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises;

  • Exclusive access and a glimpse “behind the scenes” of key World Heritage Sites throughout the country;

  • Meetings and discussions with leading active conservation professionals;

  • Professional facilities: library, working tools and workshop;

  • Unique opportunities to apply existing skills to real-life practical conservation projects;

  • Local culture enrichment experiences;

  • and so much more…

The program’s syllabus includes six core units:


Impromptu mortars lesson with Israel Antiquities Authority conservator, Aliza van Zeiden, in the courtyard of the Center’s historic Ottoman Period campus.

Unit 1. Introduction to Archaeology

Unit 2. Introduction to Conservation and Heritage Management

Unit 3. Survey, Documentation, and Recording

Unit 4. Condition Assessment, Conservation Planning, and Stabilization

Unit 5. Building Technologies and Materials (practical workshops)

Unit 6. On-Site Conservation (group project)








Pointing and grouting of historic mortars with Israel Antiquities Authority conservator, Aliza van Zeiden, at David’s Tomb on Mount Zion in the old city of Jerusalem.

Training is based on a multi-activity model which includes:

  • Lectures, case studies, practical hands-on exercises;

  • Exclusive visits to some of Israel’s world heritage sites;

  • Meetings and discussion with Israel’s leading conservation professionals;

  • Local cultural experiences.




In our didactic teaching team are some of Israel’s leading conservation specialists, archaeologists, engineers, and architects of the highest professional level. Most of them work within the framework of the Israel Antiquities Authority and other conservation organizations and academic institutes.


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Saving the stones